Quality and Service

If there's one lesson to be learned in the transformation of the metals industry, quality and customer service are foremost. That's why we've invested in the computer controls for our 2500-ton forging press. It was done for the sole purpose of giving our customers consistent quality with higher-than-average yields.
Maintaining a 42-acre stocking facility is another example of how Braeburn has re-shaped its business to meet customer needs.
We have a large storage area available so that our customers can maintain ingot and billet inventory reserves on-site. This facilitates and expedites our service on orders and helps our customers to achieve a low inventory cost. With sufficient customer stock on hand, there are minimum delays when orders are received because metal can go immediately from customer ingot or billet stock to processing, then delivery. So our customers can take advantage of opportunities as they arise by supplying their clients promptly while minimizing metal cost, maintaining minimum inventory, and minimizing cost of possession.