Braeburn Steel Plant Tour

Press Shop
In practice, we accept a customer's specifications with his order, they are entered into our computer network, verified and then transferred to the Press Computer for automatic press forging-with the option of manual operator override. This provides consistent, repeatable quality with maximum yield enhancement.
Rolling Mills
We operate both a 14 and 10 inch hand rolling mills, each served by four billet-heating furnaces certified for aircraft specifications that can maintain a temperature tolerance of +/- 25 degrees F.

Cold Finishing Area
This is where we put the finishing touches on your product. To facilitate finishing operations we maintain several saws to cut stock or bar to order. Braeburn has two lathes with maximum turning capabilities of 30" diameter and lengths to 20 feet. Braeburn can also peel bars from 6" down to 3/4" round. We also have a Mid-West Grinder and several centerless grinders on site.

Annealing Department
We have eight car bottom type non-atmospheric annealing furnaces which will anneal most of the grades processed here.